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Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Greetings from Our Founder & CEO

This blog will be dedicated solely to various discussions about medical innovations from around the world. This space exists for the purposes of information and discussion only.

And let's face it. There's a lot to discuss.

The bulk of the subject matter discussed here will be medical innovations involving (but not limited to):

  • Stem Cell Innovation

  • Laser IV Therapy

  • Innovations in Medical Equipment

  • Cannabis & Medical Marijuana

Throughout my life, and for the entirety of my career as a nurse and certified pedorthist, I have been dedicated to working with diabetic neuropathy patients and researching treatment options utilizing the body's own ability to heal. My mission is to help others achieve optimal health through preventative and therapeutic procedures. It is my passion to educate the public about prevention and other regenerative medicine alternatives and its healing potential. I strongly believe that no government agency should use prohibitive laws and regulations to deny anyone the right to realistic, viable treatment options.

In 2016, I had an opportunity to work with a type of stem cell product. I have since continued to do research on diabetic neuropathy with other types and sources of stem cells. I am dedicated to studying and knowing what it can do to control and decrease inflammation, with an understanding that most chronic diseases are due to lack of or dysfunction of mesenchymal stem cells. Furthermore, as we age, the number and function of our stem cells declines.

After reviewing patient outcomes, working with biologic laboratory, scientists, tissue banks, medical providers and several customers who had tried different types of stem cell procedures, I have come to a conclusion that the benefits and facts, with research and clinical trials being done with mesenchymal stem cells {msc} is a revolutionary breakthrough in regenerative medicine today.

I am proud to advise patients with diabetic neuropathy today to at least consider stem cell procedures because it does help control inflammation, decreases pain levels, modulates the immune system and stimulate regeneration so it does ameliorate diabetic neuropathy.

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