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Apart from Venkatesh, there are also cameo appearances from many well known actors like Gautami, Rajendra Prasad, Suman, Nagendra Babu, Nanditha and Dileep. Plot Karthi is a passionate youth who struggles between his love for his family and the country. Prakash Raj is a corrupt and corrupted politician who is close to Kamal, a local political strongman. Venkatesh is Karthi's friend who is suffering from a severe medical condition. Karthi works as a journalist. Karthi's sister Sandhya is angry at Karthi's decision to marry his girlfriend since she is a divorcee. Karthi's sister is the wife of an Indian National Congress politician named Ramakrishnan, who is a bachelor. Karthi is also the father of a girl who is the daughter of an NCP politician named Kameswara Rao. A corrupt politician, Prakash, who is supported by Kamal, has a plan to kill a corrupt senior bureaucrat, Raj, and usurp power in Chennai. Karthi tries to expose the politician, but Prakash and Kamal have Kameswara Rao killed before Karthi can reveal their plan to Ramakrishnan. The politicians want to arrest Karthi for Kameswara Rao's murder but Kamal arranges his escape. While Karthi is absent, Kameswara Rao is brutally murdered. Prakash and Kamal then frame Karthi for the crime and he is arrested. Kamal threatens Karthi that he will be killed if he does not vote for the politician. Karthi chooses to support Ramakrishnan, but soon realizes his mistake and joins Kamal in supporting Prakash. Karthi and Venkatesh go to a shop and are mistaken for rich men. Venkatesh is eventually convinced by Karthi to join them. Ramakrishnan realizes that Karthi, Ramakrishnan, Venkatesh, and Karthi's girlfriend (Sandhya) are fake. His suspicions are confirmed when he learns that Karthi is supporting Prakash and Kamal. He destroys the TV at the shop so that his family will not know that he is in danger. Prakash and Kamal are surprised by Ramakrishnan's actions and begin to torture him to learn why he wants to destroy





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HD Online Player (shakuni Telugu Movie Free Download U)

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