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The Case for Class IV Superficial Laser Light and Intravenous Laser light Therapy

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Class IV laser light therapy is an FDA-approved device that has been used by physicians worldwide for years. It uses a photo-biomodulation therapy by delivering superficial application to stimulate cellular metabolism as light penetrates into the damage tissue. Thereby, enhances the quantity of photons (which is a particle representing a quantum of light to cells deep within the tissue) and effectively absorbed.

With the understanding the mechanisms of laser lights and the effects on how it can be benefits to Regenerate+ with Red, Blue and Yellow Light. In general, there are specific cellular structures that are able to absorb specific wavelengths (colors) of light (known as photoreceptors) The light stimulus gives a cellular signal affecting the chemical behavior, metabolism, movement and gene expression• All associated enzymes and/or proteins are now affected this cascade event can ripple across an entire cell.

The image below shows how class IV laser light device works and the benefits of photobiomodulation applied superficially but also the ability of penetration deeper into the tissues to reduce pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing.

Intravenous laser blood irradiation therapy also uses the process by a photobiomodulation by delivering subcutaneous and interstitial application directly into the blood stream with the purpose of destroying micro-organisms in the blood and promotes cell stimulation to increase immune system to fight against other diseases.

Watch the video below to learn more from Dr. Michael Weber about intravenous laser blood irradiation therapy application, a promising innovation how this new innovation is making medical history in Germany.

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